It was never a secret, but now the cat is definitely out of the bag or the genie is out of the bottle, if you like. It is official: Glenn and I are selling our Trent Lakes home and moving to our Nova Scotia home. We have talked about this ad nauseum for the past ten years, but it always seemed beyond our reach.  At 60 and 61, not at all old by today’s standards, we feel we have reached the point that it is now or never.brick-house-nestled-among-trees


As many of you know, Glenn and I owned and operated Monk Funeral Home for 10 years ― an eye opener for sure. During that time, we buried many newly retired individuals who had not even collected one CPP cheque. Families had scrimped and saved during their working years so they could travel the world, footloose and fancy-free during retirement. In many cases, it was all for naught because a husband or wife died unexpectedly. This reinforces the need to pursue our dreams while we are healthy. For us, it means moving to another province. The dilemma is real, but think about this — if a couple has not traveled before retirement, is it realistic they will travel after retirement?

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I inherited my family home (a liability) in 2013, but it had been neglected for over 40 years and we were not sure it could be salvaged. In essence, my cousin and his crew rebuilt the house. They made something out of nothing. Glenn and I have spent a great deal of time there. Our children have used it each summer and our grandchildren affectionately call it “Nanny’s Other House.” If all goes as planned, we will be moving to Nanny’s only house.


Glenn has drawn up plans to add a large main floor master bedroom with an ensuite bath, walk-in closet, my office and sitting area. That way, our children can use the rest of the house whenever they want. We hope they come often.

Naturally, we cannot take all “our stuff” with us because our West Head, Nova Scotia home is already furnished. Only our new bedroom/office/sitting room will need furnishing. We dispensed with tons of our belongings at our first yard sale. I am still shaking my head at the number of things we bought because we thought we needed them. Glenn makes several trips to the transfer station/dump on each of the days it is open. Why do we need a 53-foot moving van


And then there is the elephant in the room ― our house. Glenn and I have endured the stress of selling three houses in Peterborough. I would put these experiences in the same basket as hemorrhoids, root canals and colonoscopies. A friend whose house has been on the market for months told me she would much rather endure labour and delivery than wait for her house to sell. Would our house fit in the moving van? Nope.


We want to invite all of you to visit us in Nova Scotia. The welcome mat is out, as always. You can bring your RV, camper, tent, or stay in the house. A little tidbit of advice for you: West Head is not your destination if you are looking for theme parks, haute cuisine, casinos, concerts, glitz and glamour.  If, however, R & R is your goal, you have hit the jackpot. Long beach walks, picking wild berries, exploring islands, bird watching, listening to local yarns and folklore, stargazing, mackerel fishing, dory rowing, biking and much, much more are waiting for your enjoyment.  The fresh air will rejuvenate your soul and the music of the sea will lull you to sleep.isaac-maddie-on-beach-we-love-lockeportSo far, I only see one fly in the ointment. If Hurricane Jose passes over Nova Scotia, as projected, our house may be history and we may be the ones pitching a tent. The yellow house with the red roof has withstood the fury Hurricanes Daisy, Edna, Juan and Bill, to name a few, and I am willing to bet it will not surrender to Jose.

As they say on the East Coast, don’t be a stranger. That is preferable to don’t let the door hit you on the way out.fancy design element