Tomi Ungerer


An Adventure Whilst House Sitting for Artist-Author, Tomi Ungerer

Mom, Dad, Francis and I had moved into the Nova Scotia home of artist and writer, Tomi Ungerer, and his wife, Yvonne, to care for their property and animals while they spent a few months in Switzerland. We stayed there from January to April. We referred to the location as “down on the island.” Surrounded by beaches, the road to the island was inaccessible during unusually high tides and stormy weather. An old Land Rover ferried us in and out.…

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Your Boat’s on Bottom

My Mom and Dad were opposites. Mom wanted problems solved immediately. Dad, on the other hand, was a reflective type and he liked “to sleep on things.” Daily routines were important to him.  He walked and talked the same speed no matter what. It made for some interesting times.

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