Sibling Rivalry

Happy Birthday to My Little Brudder and Partner in Crime

Partners in crime of the worst ilk, that’s what my little brother Francis and I were. We were the youngest children in a family of four. Each of us inherited the super genes for “bad ideas” and “how to drive your parents crazy in 60 seconds or less.” Miraculously, we were not banished to “Reform School.” JUST EXACTLY WHAT DID WE DO? I have forgotten most of it, but here are a few of our adventures. Francis used to hide and throw rocks…

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Sibling Shenanigans

Little brothers and little sisters can get into mountains of trouble. Francis and I were no exception. We had stumbled upon the “Fountain of Bad Ideas.” I hope my children do not read this because it differs from what I have told them. Do you promise not to tell them? Cross your heart and hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in your eye.?

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