Selling Home

Our Next Move is to the Nursing Home

DAY ONE Believe me when I say, moving is not for the faint of heart. Moving 1700 km from one province to another quadruples the stress. It seemed like a great idea in the beginning. By the time the moving vans were loaded and on their way, we were questioning our decision. Who’s idea was this anyway? MY FIRST MISTAKE We have two vehicles which meant I had to drive one. No problem. I am a good sport and enjoy a challenge now and…

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I dislike, no… I detest, no… I deplore, no… I LOATHE selling a house.

SELLING A HOUSE IS DRIVING ME BATTY Let me make myself crystal clear. I dislike, no… scorn, no… detest, no… deplore, no… I loathe selling a house. And just exactly what do I dislike about it? That’s simple, EVERYTHING. And what has caused these strong feelings? Selling three houses in the past. The previous transactions were stress-filled because we were buying another house with the proceeds and could not balance two mortgage payments. That is true for most people. I can vouch for childbirth and…

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