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If Our Christmas Tree Could Talk

Hallmark Christmas cards and movies suggest that choosing and cutting down the family Christmas tree is a warm fuzzy family experience to be cherished for years.  Ours was unforgettable, but for different reasons.  We did not sit around sipping hot chocolate and nibbling shortbread cookies sharing memories of Christmases past.  The “Annual Christmas Tree War” was more suitable.

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Husband Gone AWOL

For years, my children and I flew Broom Express, I mean Air Canada to Nova Scotia just as soon as the school year ended. My husband,Glenn, worked at General Electric Canada and would join us for his holidays in July and August. I counted down the days until his arrival. Ever the optimist, I slept, listening with one ear, in case he should arrive earlier than planned. This pattern repeated itself for years.

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Hookers in Blockhouse? No Way!

Mom and I sat on large concrete blocks outside the store but super close to the road. Blockhouse is a small community where everybody knows everybody. People driving past gave us some pretty weird looks. I have a feeling that when they got home they told their families that they had seen the strangest sight at the intersection. You’re never safe from surprises until your dead. They saw two hookers in Blockhouse in broad daylight.

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What’s Next? Driverless Cars?

I’m so old I can remember when the 8-track tape was cutting edge technology. Teenagers rushed out to buy them along with 8-Track players. The tapes worked flawlessly for a while. However, at some point, the tape would stretch or get tangled and the music sounded warbly. Their popularity was short-lived, but I am willing to bet there are thousands of them packed in boxes in basements. Do you have some?

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