Eating Disorders


Will that be New Balance, Skechers or ASICS for Your Walk

THE DAY THAT CHANGED MY LIFE On August the 6th I woke up and for the first time in 15, yes 15, years I thought, “You know, I believe I have enough energy to take a short walk.” I understand if you are thinking, “What’s the big deal?” In my world, plagued with mental illness, it was a humongous deal. Most days, putting one foot ahead of the other, is a major accomplishment. I laced up my running shoes and struck out. About…

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A Broken Mind…

I am quite sure that those of you who know me, would agree that I have never poked my nose into your business. I don’t like conflict. I would walk on hot coals to “keep the peace.” Until I attain perfection, I will keep my opinions to myself unless asked. Heaven knows, I have enough problems of my own. I wouldn’t pretend to know how you should live your life.

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