Bayman Coffee Shop


Farewell to Nova Scotia

How is it possible we have been at our Nova Scotia homestead for more than two months? The time has come to clean up the house…again, pack up and leave bright and early Monday morning. I think I will sleep in my clothes, because I will nod off as soon as I stumble into the car, and wake up five hours later near the New Brunswick border.

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I’ll be Home for Christmas…

As I mentioned last week, I arrived in West Head late Monday night. Bright and early Tuesday morning, I switched to my Nova Scotia routine. I know many of you wonder what I do when I’m here so I have chronicled a somewhat typical day for you. My comments are in blue. Enjoy. At 9:30 a.m. I whipped my RAV4 into the parking lot of the Bayman Coffee Shop. In fact, I begin every day that way seven days a week. Right…

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