It was 1999. We were living and working at McConnell Funeral Home in Marmora, Ontario. I happened to be shopping at the Belleville Walmart when this energetic gaggle of young people danced toward me; more like accosted me. They were dressed the same, promoting a brand-new invention with youthful enthusiasm. And what was it? The Swiffer Sweeper.

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I ignored them and accused them of being obnoxious, even brazen. How dare they push their way into my shopping experience? My conclusion? Just one more piece of “Made in China” junk that was never going to amount to anything, a nothing burger, a flash in the pan, a nine-day wonder.

And what do I know about which inventions will or will not succeed? Apparently, absolutely nothing.



Proctor & Gamble had done their homework. Research revealed that most of us hate to touch dirty mops. They also discovered that most of the dirt on floors is dust, not heavy duty dirt. A mop and water simply spread the dirt around the floor.

Enter the revolutionary Swiffer Sweeper with dry, disposable cloths that picked up the dust electrostatically (using static electricity). No more stinky string mops, sponge mops, scrub rags and buckets of grimy water. And it cut cleaning time significantly.

The Swiffer sweeper is rather inexpensive and lasts a long time. How would P&G make money at that rate? Aha! It doesn’t matter if the sweeper lasts for a thousand years because the customer must purchase the disposable cloths forever. Would you believe Proctor & Gamble hauls in over $500 million annually just for Swiffer products?

And just how popular are Swiffer products? Significantly more than I wish to admit. Do I have a Swiffer sweeper?Oh, yes, along with various Swiffer dusters, short handles, long handles.

All the readers and I want to know if there any Swiffer products in your home?
Be a sport and leave a comment.

PS: Do you say swiffer or swifter?

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