Ain’t never a dull moment at 281 West Head Road. Last week our biggest challenge was water, or lack thereof. By week’s end, we had a new drilled well 160 feet deep with 3 gallons a minute. The well required a particular type of perforating casing to prevent loose rock from collapsing on the pump but they had run out of them. They had to return to the Annapolis Valley to get more, but would return on Monday. Hey, hey! They kept their word and rolled in bright and early Monday morning.

The pump was installed on Tuesday and by evening, we were able to use, but not drink, the crystal clear water from the new well. We are awaiting the results of a water test. At least we can shower and do laundry. Sweet relief!

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On Tuesday afternoon, the skies opened and the remnants of Hurricane Florence poured down all day making the residents of Shelburne and Yarmouth counties ecstatic, but there was no dancing in the streets. The phone lines were smokin’ hot as family and friends called to report how many inches or feet the level of wells had risen. Unfortunately, my neighbour’s well is still dry. Nothin’ but spider webs at the bottom.


On Wednesday the next crew showed up to begin our new septic system. Did it go as planned? Of course not. When they unearthed the old septic system from 1972, it showed no evidence of drainage. The pipe leading to the field bed was bone dry. Hmmm, where were the contents going?

Plug your nose. It was time to lift the lid and get the scoop on poop.  Mysteriously, both halves of the tank were full to the brim. The liquid portion had seeped out and the remainder was as solid as a rock. Obvious question? Had it ever had been pumped out? The answer was yes, but it was decades ago.


 Winston Rothschild:
“No tank too big, no tank too small,
teacup or cesspool, we suck ’em all.”

Instead, BURKE HARRIS SEPTIC PUMPING of Jordan Falls came to do the deed. The new septic tank has been installed and we are awaiting a visit from the Septic Tank Inspector. How would you like to have that job? No, thanks.

At this point, we have dug up most of the hill more than once and have a number of piles of rocks. And to think, Glenn planted and babied grass seed last year ― whatever grows is fine with us. We will gladly accept dandelions, buttercups and broadleaf weeds, but please, no thistles.

Will we replace the gravel that has vanished?  Not this year. The ground is soft and more rain is in the forecast which equals a muddy mess. If necessary, we will put down boards to walk on until the ground freezes.


Today, I am preparing to participate in a Mental Health Expo organized by BECAUSE WE CARE, a group of three women with compassionate hearts ― Amelie Daykin, Kimberley Goreham-Waybret and Gina Symonds.

Providing an event where you can explore ways
of improving your mental wellness through sound,
relaxing, and taking time for yourself.
Along with support professionals, health coaches,
sound therapy, therapy dogs and inspirational speakers,
including Special Speaker: MICHAEL “BULL” ROBERTS.

I will have a booth with lots of self-care themed goodies to give away. My CD A BROKEN MIND will be available for $10. Since laughter is the best message, I will also sell my funny book of 20 mostly true stories, LIFE MATTERS for $20.


Everyone loves to win a draw. A big basket of self-care items seemed like a good idea. Would you believe I couldn’t find a basket in all of Shelburne to hold all the goodies? I compensated with a brightly coloured plastic wagon beach toy. That should catch everyone’s eye.

Well, that’s a wrap on this week. I managed to stay sane through all the ups and down without shedding a single tear. Regardless of what happened in your life between Monday and Friday, may your weekend be everything you need it to be.  In the words of that venerable, Canadian philosopher RED GREEN,

“I’m pulling for you.
We’re all in this together.”