More than ten years ago, Glenn, our cat Sir Sigmund Alexander, and I began a new adventure in Bobcaygeon (ON). Moving ranks high as a stressful experience at the best of times, even higher if you are a cat. Sweet Grandma Clark invited Sir Sigmund to stay at her house for a week or so until we got settled in and life was less chaotic.
When the time was right, Sir Sigmund made the big trip to Bobcaygeon. A typical cat, he hid in a number of locations until he could get a grip on his fears.

A few days after Sir Sigmund’s arrival, Glenn and I went out for dinner at the Olympia Restaurant in nearby Lindsay. On the way out the door, we set the security alarm. Glenn’s pager started buzzing before we got out of Bobcaygeon. What was going on? It was the answering service patching through a call from the security alarm company. There had been an “invasion or break-in” on the second floor of the funeral home and they wanted to notify the police.

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The Super Sleuth in me sprung to life.  Our poor cat, Sir Sigmund, had set it off. He had never been there when the alarm was on. The noise of the alarm sent Sigmund into a full-blown panic attack and he was flying around the apartment setting of the three motion detectors. In fact, the alarm had gone off more than a dozen times in two minutes.

The company did not  readily accept my explanation that it had been caused by our cat. We told them we would get an employee to go to the funeral home to check out the situation. Joe went over and could hear the alarm blaring long before he got there. He unlocked the door and rushed to turn it off.

Glenn’s cellphone rang again. The alarm company was calling
because there had been another “invasion or break-in”, this time on the first floor. Surely, the cat could not have been responsible for that. We assured them we had sent someone in to shut off the alarm.

The company never called again, because from that day in February 2004 until we moved out in May of 2014, we never again turned on the alarm.  And how many break-ins did we have? None.

For insurance purposes, we kept our contract with the security company. Boohoo! At least $3,000 down the drain. I am imagining all the fun I could have had with that money. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk, as they say.