A few months ago, Glenn and I set out to visit our son, Jeremy, and his little family at their home in Guelph. We had almost reached their house when we spotted a Goodwill Store, a thrift store similar to Value Village or Frenchy’s and chose to not resist the temptation to stop. Hmmmmmmmm? What bargains and treasures were waiting for us? Apparently, several. By the time we got out of the store we had spent over $100. What? That’s crazy!

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In retrospect, we should have kept right on trucking. I bought a quality, black tank top that fit well, a long-sleeved shirt that almost fit me and a pair of shoes. I could not turn down a pair of Naturalizers in pristine condition for a mere $4.95 . I tried them on without socks and walked around a bit. They felt as if they had been moulded exclusively for my feet and only my feet, just
I was itching for an occasion to wear them. That turned out to be Sunday morning church. By the time I had walked from our vehicle to the church, both little toes and both heels were red and sore ― a wonderful environment for blisters and corns. I repeated this scenario more than once, always with the same result ― two sore feet. That was enough torture for me.

I decided to wear my bargain shoes to my first Women Excelling in Business Dinner at Kettle Drums Restaurant.  Along the way, I made a quick stop to buy a pair of black footlets to protect my aching, blistered feet. I could never have imagined what would transpire with my thrift shop shoes.


I took a moment to put on the new footlets and off I went. What in tarnation was going on? I could hardly take a step without losing a shoe. How could footlets make that much of a difference? My shoes had mysteriously gone from too tight to two sizes too big in the blink of an eye.

I hobbled slowly to the restaurant. I wanted to spare myself the embarrassment of having my shoes fall off while following the hostess to meet up with my group. Gripping the shoes with my toes, I scuffed along behind the hostess. I let out a big sigh of relief when I sat down and nobody asked why.

I enjoyed my dinner of Pecan Crusted Brie served with Ciabatta Blueberry Compote. Yummm.

After dinner, each of us got fifteen minutes to talk about our businesses and to seek help with issues. A group of women can find a solution for most of the world’s problems in a hurry. I watched very talented women in action. Impressive. The United Nations should take note.

Business Group Of Isolated Woman Only

But I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would get back to my vehicle quickly with my awkward shoe problem. Why had I parked in a secluded area? I had failed to consider it would be dark when I returned. What should I do? As always, I prayed that God would surround my vehicle and me with angels holding flaming swords of fire to protect me ― honest. That may seem a bit extreme to you, but it matches my grandiose imagination.

And the answer came to me. Take off the footlets and leave them under the table and that is what I did. I should have left a note of explanation and a tip for the person who cleaned the patio. I put on my too tight shoes, ran to my vehicle, jumped in, looked in the back seat for intruders, locked the doors and hurried back to Bobcaygeon. (By the way, the bogeyman was not hiding in the back seat.)

noun: bogeyman; plural noun: bogeymen; noun: bogyman; plural noun: bogymen; noun: boogeyman; plural noun: boogeymen; noun: boogey-man; plural noun: boogey-men
  1. an imaginary evil spirit, referred to typically to frighten children.
    “with the blankets pulled over our heads to keep out the bogeyman”

What have I learned from this painful experience? I realize that thrift stores are not for me because I convince myself to buy clothes and shoes that do not fit me. While attempting to save money, I wasted money on items I would not otherwise have bought. As well, I wasted money on footlets that only aggravated the problem.

Just think, I could have used that money to buy five Dairy Queen Reese’s Blizzards.


Oh well, just one more thing to add to my list of “Good Intentions Gone Bad.”

PS: By the way, I have an extra set of unisex black footlets if you are looking for a gift for that “hard to buy for person.” If you want them I’ll even pay the postage.