A couple of years ago I started a small business for my storytelling and mental health speaking events. At the time, it seemed the smart thing to do. That way, I could claim a portion of my taxes, electricity and telephone expenses. On top of that, I could recover my HST at year’s end. I was confident that I would be rolling in money in a matter of a few years.


As it turned out, the money rolled out instead of in. Let’s see, what did I spend money on? Consulting, classy looking business cards, pens, an expensive LED Projector for my awesome PowerPoint shows, facility rentals, refreshments, advertising, gasoline, printing at Staples, and professional development —  to name a few.

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Don’t get me wrong, I did it happily and willingly and I haven’t a single regret. So, what am I complaining about? Actually, I’m not complaining about anything. Please forgive me, if I created that impression. I will continue to do what I love, even though I plan to shut down my business at the end of December.


I have reflected on my situation, and I plan to pursue a different direction, not motivated by money because I am independently wealthy…just joking. Seriously, money has rarely or never been my motivation for doing anything. I am contented to have the basics of food, shelter and clothing with a little bit left to meet my friends for coffee EVERY morning.

More about my new direction. I plan to share my mental health story, A BROKEN MIND, wherever and whenever an opportunity arises. A donation for gasoline or an honorarium would be appreciated.  I simply request an opportunity to sell my CD, my book of funny stories, LIFE MATTERS, and note cards.


In retrospect which is always 20/20,  I could have benefitted from the expertise of an agent or publicist, because no matter what I did, I found it next to impossible to break into speaking circles, especially ones that paid money. Money aside, I am convinced I have a story that countless people, especially women and Christians, need to hear.

I want to speak to as many audiences as possible. Those that come to mind are support groups, Women’s shelters, healthy living high school classes, service groups, church groups, community groups, adult education, coffee groups, agencies, to name a few. 

“Have Wheels, Will Travel — Almost Anywhere.” 

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