college-5Last weekend many college and university students came home for the first time since beginning school over a month ago. I can imagine a variety of scenarios played out across the country.

Perhaps Mom and Dad picked you up at school and you prattled on nonstop the whole way home about all the fun you are having. (Oops, you meant to say how hard you have been studying.) College is light years better than high school.

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Did you hitch a ride home with a friend? You didn’t know that Mom and Dad had a college-2giant lump in their throats when they saw you getting out of the car.

Maybe you flew home for the long weekend because you are attending a school on the opposite side of the country. Mom and Dad blinked back tears when they saw you coming down the escalator.

Some of you were undecided about your new experience. Now you believe  you made a huge mistake and want to change programs, schools or quit. You were confident science was your forte and now you feel it isn’t. You are wondering how to break the news to Mom and Dad. After all, they are footing the bill.

Note to Reader
Parents tend to be much more understanding than we imagine.

college-4You may, but I hope not, have arrived home with ALL your laundry for the last six weeks in tow. Some mothers said, “There’s the washer. Fill your boots.” Others ached to do your laundry for you. Parents cooked favourite meals and you didn’t mind one little bit.  After six weeks of hotdogs and Kraft Dinner, you are overdue for Mom or Dad’s home cooking.

I have always viewed that first Thanksgiving trip home as a major milestone  — an emotionally charged one.

I sure remember mine. As we drove through Lockeport, it appeared everything had changed. The town had shrunk and where were all the streetlights? Everything looked so small after the bright lights of Truro — haha! I felt I was a much more mature person than when I had left six mere weeks ago.

Sage Advice to Students 

I expect you are having a blast.  Just remember your professors will not remind you when papers are due. Unlike high school, they are permitted to give you a big fat zero. Take it from me, it is almost impossible to write four high quality essays in one week. You wouldn’t dream of waiting until the last minute. Or would you?

True story — I had the GOOD fortune to use one essay  for three separate classes. It was about Joseph Howe and responsible government. There was one BIG problem. First time I got an A. Second time I got a B. Third time I got a C. I didn’t risk receiving a D. I don’t recommend you try this.