Mom with FlowersI think about Mom every day and I’ve been thinking about her more than usual with Mother’s Day only a couple of days away. Mom passed away in the twinkling of an eye on September 1, 1998. We had no warning; nobody had a chance to say good-bye. That was probably best because Mom didn’t like goodbyes anyway. We were all too soft-hearted.

The good news is, that we will always have a little piece of Mom with us in the form of our beautiful daughter, Allison Sarah Elizabeth Clark. She has wonderful memories of Nanny Roache. Allison still wears Nanny’s Avon jewelry.

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When Allison was born, I took one look at her and immediately uttered the words, “Little Nanny!” And that was a very good thing!

Even 30 years later, the similarities remain.Allison Osca rMaddie Edited

First, their size: both about 5 feet nothing in height.

Second, Allison looks like Nanny at that age — beautiful of course.

Third, Allison inherited Nanny’s ear-piercing voice — one that can’t be ignored. (When Allison was little my youngest brother, who shall remain nameless, egged her on to scream at the top of her lungs.)

Fourth, Allison loves the grocery store flyers as much as Mom did, never able to resist a bargain. Growing up, the fridge and cupboards contained a lot of “bargains” that nobody liked.

Fifth, Allison possesses great physical strength, in spite of her short stature, as did Nanny — both a match for any man.

Sixth, would be their love of talking on the phone………….for hours.

Seventh, Allison loves to hang clothes on the line as much as Mom did.

Eighth, punctuality does not come any more easily to my daughter than it did to my mother.

Ninth, just like Mom, you can hear Allison’s laughter in a room filled with thousands.

And tenth, both Mom and Allison have forgotten their purses in many places— on buses, in restaurants and in gas stations, just to name a few.

Over the years, Mom and I did a lot of things together. We made many trips to Cape Island, just the two of us. As we went across the Causeway, Mom shared stories of taking the ferry across to “the show” in Barrington before the Causeway was built. We took the long way to Clam Point. We stopped at Cripple Creek (Crick) Wharf to see all the boats. We visited Mom’s brothers in Cape Island.  Most times, we stopped at Geneva’s Restaurant for clams and chips. Before leaving, we would drive around the whole island and Mom pointed out who lived where when she was young. She told me how she walked around the island for hours with friends on Sundays. Mom was so looking forward to the 50th anniversary of the Cape Island Causeway, but she died the year before.

At Christmas time, Mom and I went on a Christmas Light drive around West Head, Lockeport and East and West Green Harbour. We reminisced about visiting Harold (Sonny) and Frances Williams,  Gene and Mary Williams and Killick and Jennie Williams in East Green Harbour and Everett and Vera (Beebee to me) Scott and Vincent and Clara Hallett inWest Green Harbour. They were all fine, fine folks — the salt of the earth.

We laughed about our Sunday afternoon drives to the “Dairy Treat.” in the 60s. My youngest brother, who shall remain nameless, and I each got a cone. Dad always got a vanilla milkshake and mom’s favourite was strawberry. Mom always growled at us for blowing bubbles in our shakes. To this day, I don’t understand why parents won’t let children blow bubbles in a glass of milk. Now here’s a laugh or a groan for you — my youngest brother, who shall remain nameless, and I….. (Are you ready?) fought, yes fought, over who would get the bubbly fuzz left at the bottom of Mom’s milkshake. I don’t know why she didn’t throw us out the window.

A lot of years have passed since then.  Nowadays, I see my Mom looking back at me in the mirror. At sixteen, I would have been horrified, but at fifty-seven, I am as proud as can be.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all  mothers, past present and future!
Thanks for the memories.  We will cherish them in our hearts.