After a year of apartment living, Glenn and I moved into our first house in Peterborough, ON. The lot was small with a bit of lawn in the front, but the majority was behind the house. When the lawnmower left by the previous owner kicked the bucket, we trotted off to Canadian Tire. How hard could it be to choose a lawnmower?

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We discovered the choices are numerous. Walk Behind, Reel, Electric or Gas? After much deliberation, we left with our first and only  electric mower that cost about  $100.00. Did I mention Glenn would rather walk through fire than cut grass? He couldn’t handle the 200-foot cord which always seemed to be in the wrong place. I forget how many times he ran over the cord, but I know it was a double digits.

I, on the other hand, was a pro with an electric mower because for many years I mowed Gagie’s lawn.  I was mowing the grass in our back yard at 649 Chamberlain Street when something shiny in the grass caught my eye.  I certainly did not want to damage the blade by mowing over it. It was a bolt — a shiny bolt that looked brand new. I picked it up and “nincompoop Melda” tossed it over the fence into the alley between our house and the laundromat. This happened several times and each one suffered the same fate—over the fence.

I was mowing away, singing happy songs and right out of the blue, something surprising happened. Can you guess what?  The handle fell off the lawnmower.

Doh — that explained all those bolts I found.

How did we respond? How would you respond? Glenn and I laughed so hard we wanted to roll on the ground.

I accepted responsibility and went off to rummage through the bushes to find the bolts and found every one of them.

That $100 GE lawnmower lasted from 1981 to 1997 which works out to $6.25 per year plus electricity. Add to that the cost of black electrical tape required each time Glenn ran over the cord. (If I remember correctly, GE Peterborough may have donated the tape.)

Now it’s 2017 and we live in Trent Lakes, ON. Our lot is much larger and has dozens of mature trees. Would you believe, Glenn enjoys cutting the grass?

What changed, you ask? The former owner repaired lawn mowers and we bought his ancient ride on lawnmower. I’m not joking about ancient. It’s very possible it had belonged to Noah or Moses. Did I mention it is as slow as molasses, but Glenn doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t have to push the infernal thing?


I have never used the ride-on mower and I expect that is a good thing because you just never know when the wheels might fall off because the bolts came out and I threw them in the bushes.

Have a great week!