It is no secret that I suffer from major depressive disorder which is controlled fairly well with medication. Depression zaps most of my energy. Doing anything physical is a chore. Many of the medications I take slow metabolism and ramp up my appetite. The combination of age, sedentary life style, low energy, slow metabolism and insatiable appetite, leads directly to unwanted weight gain. It works out to 10 pounds a year. I admit I am a first class couch potato. If it were an Olympic sport, I could win a medal — a gold medal.Bathroom Scale and Tape MeasureI refuse to step on a scale, even at the Doctor’s office. “Denial” is my game. The fit of my clothes indicates weight gain or weight loss.

No fad diets for this couch potato. Cabbage soup? Nope. Grapefruit diet? No way! Raw food diet? Thanks, but no thanks. Tape worm diet? Gross!  And each time I hear Marie Osmond hawking the “Nutrisystem” diet plan, I am tempted to throw a hammer at the TV.

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About fifteen years ago, while living in Marmora, I joined the local TOPS group. I got caught up in the Low Carb diet fad which I followed faithfully until I feared I would squawk, oink or moo. My treat was sugar-free jello topped with real whipped cream. Leave it to me to do something stupid, even by “Melda Standards.” I was getting ready to whip the cream when I changed my mind and poured some of it on my Jell-O, then more and I did not stop until I had emptied the carton. Believe it or not, I consumed one cup of whipping cream. How did I feel? A little green around the gills. Over the course of a year, I lost about 30 pounds.

Bacon and Eggs in Frying Pan

Saturday, August 05, 2016

Knowing what you do about me, you can imagine my utter shock when I heard myself saying, “You know, Glenn, I feel like taking a walk.”
Given that I haven’t walked any distance since 2004, I set reasonable expectations. I would walk 10 minutes towards town and 10 minutes back which totaled about 2000 steps. My shins, ankles and the sides of my feet reacted accordingly. A few hours later, I felt like walking a second time. Woot! Woot! That upped my steps to 4200. Not bad at all. Maybe I will shake the couch potato moniker.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Oh, no! It’s pouring. If I miss my walk today, I might lose my resolve. How can I be sure? It has happened in the past. Some years ago, I walked every day for months and then we made a trip to Ottawa. Yep. You guessed it. That was the end of my walking for a very long time.

Woot! Woot! Here comes the sun. I’m off.  Ouchie, ouchie, the sides of my feet feel pinched. Hopefully, my feet will adjust. I managed to walk further than yesterday logging 4,325 steps in one walk.

Like many others, I have spent a small fortune on running shoes that have gone to the clothing giveaway. Perhaps I’ll buy Birkenstocks with a heel strap. I need footwear with a high arch.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Today, I drove into town, parked at the intersection of Main St. and Duke St. and walked 1,745 steps to “Shakers Restaurant,” my coffee shop of choice. Following my mouthwatering breakfast of rye toast, coffee and water, I took a longer route back to my car. Basically, I walked in a square adding 2,846 steps.

My running shoes are not performing as they should. My ankles, shins and arches hurt like the dickens and the soles of my feet are on fire. Next stop?  Bigleys Clothing and Shoes. The saleslady dragged  out a pile of footwear for me to try and I settled on a pair of FINN sandals which corrected my foot position and helped with all my aches and pains.


It rained off and on for much of the day, but I jumped into action when the sun broke through late afternoon. I rubbed a small amount of Vaseline on the balls of my feet, put on two pairs of socks and tightly fastened my new Finns.

On the walk back, an elderly gentleman stopped and offered me a ride. He spoke as if he knew me, but I wasn’t sure who he was. I assured him I was walking by choice, thanked him and hurried away. I could imagine the headlines,

“Former Couch Potato Abducted by Man Driving Older White Oldsmobile.”

Number of steps? Another 4,560 for a daily total of 11,731 steps. Go Melda!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Oh, oh. This is not good. The soreness has increased in my shins, ankles and soles, so I drove to “Shakers.” I took my first walk when I got home. With aching feet, I persevered for 4,034 steps.

Hoping to take a second walk at 4 pm. I planned to go as far as Lakes Community Church, but  fell short. The grader had been out and the shoulders of the road were soft and squishy. It was like walking, no slogging, through sand or snow. Each step hurt more than the one before. Thankfully, I got back home without collapsing.

I wanted to soak my aching feet, but I had no basin or dishpan to use. Brainwave!  I used the Swiffer handle to reach a roaster on the top shelf in a closet, pulled it down and filled it with salt water. Oh, what sweet relief. My feet, ankles and shins began to feel a bit better. Who knew shaking the couch potato label would hurt this much?

Total for the day? 7,233 steps.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Wondering what my feet, especially my right foot, right ankle and right shin will feel like today. I drove into town and parked at the farthest parking spot from Shakers. My foot ached with each step, but I got there eventually. It started to rain lightly on my way back so I decided the retrace my steps.

We have a nephew from Nova Scotia visiting with us and he treated us to supper at Fenelon Falls’ “Cow and Sow.” On the way home, I got dropped off at the Shell Station, for what I considered a walkable distance from home. Oh, no. I forgot about the freshly-graded shoulders.

Not good for walking, but I clocked 6,431 steps for the day.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

“Wakey, wakey, rise and shine, Melda. It’s time to walk to “Shakers.”

My right foot feels a bit better today, but only lasted about halfway to Shakers. A friend and I enjoyed our coffee together. But how would I walk with my aching foot? I put on my best pout and hobbled back to my car the short way.

After lunch, I struck out again. I walked up the soft shoulder of County RD 36 and turned left at Moon Line Road. Much to my disappointment, just 1000 steps later, the pain became unbearable and I had to phone Glenn to pick me up. Thank you to my sweetie pie for rescuing me.

Today’s total? 5,418 steps.

So what’s a girl like me supposed to do for an aching foot? Should I push through the pain? Nope, not me. I don’t believe in pushing through pain unless I am birthing a baby, and that won’t be happening in this lifetime.

I consulted Dr. Google who suggested the following home remedies:

“Common and effective home remedies for lateral foot pain includes simple rest, ice massaging, uses of crutches, and some of the natural treatments depending upon the underlying causes of the lateral foot pain.”

Sounds like Advil, Tylenol, ice and rest are my new best friends until things improve. I don’t want to quit completely because I may lose my inspiration. To that end, I will take short walks up and down my driveway until I can handle longer walks. On the bright side, I no longer belong to the couch potato club.

Yes, I went from couch potato to 10,000 steps in a few days. Silly me, I  knew better. Slow and steady wins the race.