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My Dad was a natural storyteller. We begged him to retell the same funny stories at every family gathering. We had heard them so many times we could have told them ourselves, but we loved the twinkle in his eye and the chuckle in his voice. Fisher, Farmer, Videographer… As well, Dad dragged his video camera around recording and narrating all sorts of events. Hey, that makes him a videographer. Imagine that! Eugene Roache, farmer, fisher and videographer! Dad captured…

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SALT HERRING & THE TURTLE POND IN WEST HEAD If you drank water from the schoolhouse turtle pond, you might be a West Header. If you ate salt herring and potatoes before you could walk, you might be a West Header. If you call your friends “Pard,” you might be a West Header. If you went “sandying” between Christmas and New Year’s, you might be a West Header. If you caught sculpins from Gaetz’s Point, you might be a West Header. ORCHARDS…

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Gonna Take a Walk on a Sentimental Journey

Walking ― I’m sure some of you think that’s all I do. My walking route in Bobcaygeon consists of three trips from my house to the Transfer Station (read dump) which totals my daily goal of 10,000 steps. Now we are at my family home in Nova Scotia, and I am trying to settle on two walks each day. OH GIVE ME A HOME, WHERE THE SHEEP LOVE TO ROAM Let me tell you about my first walk. I strolled out the…

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Shortly after arriving in West Head in early May, I fired off emails to the principals of Shelburne County Elementary Schools. I introduced myself as a retired teacher/ storyteller and offered to visit their school to share my funny story  “ARE WE THERE YET” with their students. I remember how it feels to be a weary teacher in June. Students are restless and eager for summer holidays. I volunteered to visit each class for one whole hour with music, story and games —…

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Dominoes with a Side of Gossip

Our house is well-equipped in the closet department. There is a place for everything, but everything is not in its place. In theory, our basement should be empty — in theory. Despite all this storage area, we still have an “everything closet” filled with linens, photos, computer parts, Christmas wrap, games,  and stuff we don’t know what to do with — you get the picture.

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What’s Next? Driverless Cars?

I’m so old I can remember when the 8-track tape was cutting edge technology. Teenagers rushed out to buy them along with 8-Track players. The tapes worked flawlessly for a while. However, at some point, the tape would stretch or get tangled and the music sounded warbly. Their popularity was short-lived, but I am willing to bet there are thousands of them packed in boxes in basements. Do you have some?

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Confessions of a 4th Grade Teacher

I chose “Bones and Muscles” as the first science unit each year because it was fun and got children out of their desks. Students traced the outline of each other’s body, cut it out, and then drew and coloured all 206 bones. (If we needed help to remember the number of bones, it helped to know that the number was the same as Alex W. address.) Happy chatter filled the room as each child completed the project.

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Adena Violet Townsend

When we speak of famous and accomplished women, names like Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Indira Ghandi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and others come up. I would like to introduce you to someone whose name is not on any list, but I believe she is a giant among women — Adena Violet Townsend. I knew her affectionately as “Gagie” pronounced, /Gaahhh-Gee/. In 1906 she was born in West Head, Nova Scotia  to Coleman and Lavinia (Bangay) Townsend. Her father, Coleman, was fatally…

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