I know it’s not Tuesday; it’s Friday, but we were on the road Wednesday and Thursday driving to Nova Scotia meaning I slept through much of those days. Tuesday was my last day in Ontario and what a day it was. I had a long “to do list”, but I had everything under control, or did I? As a rule, I go with the flow, but there is a limit and as the day wore on, I lost my sense of humor as one dilemma followed another.


Last week, I ordered inserts and labels for my new “A BROKEN MIND” CD.
I wanted to have them for my mental health talk on Tuesday evening.
If everything ran according to plan, my order would be ready for pickup late Monday or by noon on Tuesday at the latest. Things did not fall into place on Monday or Tuesday. The necessary paper did not arrive until noon on Tuesday. Printing did not take long, but die-cutting was time consuming. My order would be ready later in the afternoon.

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As luck would have it, Glenn broke a tooth and had to go to town for dental surgery. Perfect! He could pick up everything. No, the timing did not work out and I felt rushed for time. Now my completed order is “in the mail” as they say. In the end, it didn’t matter, because no one purchased a CD. All that fretting for nothing.


Early last week, I went online to have our mail forwarded to Nova Scotia, but I thought it odd that we kept getting mail. That called for a visit with my friends at Canada Post. Phone calls were made, there was no record of my online transaction and my credit card had not been charged. It only took a jiffy to complete the paperwork and was assured the information was now in their system.

On our last visit, I did not want to pay to forward our mail  and I missed receiving our tax bill. tax-man-demanding-moneyMr. Interest came looking for me and charged more than the cost of forwarding my mail. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Lesson learned.


Each time I speak, I have someone do my makeup. I was told to stop in any time before 4 pm. Yep, you guessed it. No makeup girls. One had left early because she didn’t feel well and the other one left because they weren’t busy.

girl-with-funny-glasses-eyebrows-moustacheI did my own makeup, but I cannot master eyebrows. Mine are so fine and blonde, it looks like I have none.  Hmmm, perhaps I should get semi-permanent (tattoo) eye brows and liner. And while I am at it, I’ll try microdermabrasion to get rid of those annoying brown spots on my face and neck.

As 7pm approached, I fully expected a meteorite would land on our house, but it didn’t. Off I went only to be greeted by a great audience to hear my mental health talk. The main event went off without a hitch. A special evening for sure.

Now we are a thousand miles away in Nova Scotia. You may be amused to know we have no water — seems the pump died and we can’t do anything about it tonight. On top of that,, I am sitting here in my coat because the living room baseboard heater, appears to have died as well.

When things go wrong, you’ll find they usually go on getting worse for some time; but when things once start going right they often go on getting better and better. C. S. Lewis

On the bright side, it is less money for Nova Scotia Power, a much friendlier utility than Ontario’s Hydro One.

Of course, this isn’t my first experience with things going wrong. Check out my blog “Murphy’s Law on Steroids.”

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