Each generation accuses the next of being spoiled and lazy. Parents claim they had to work much longer and scrimp and save to buy their first used car, first small house, second hand furniture and on and on and on.


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Let me describe him for you:

  1. He was a six-cylinder that only ran on five.
  2. His floor had numerous holes.
  3. The brake light stayed on all the time.
  4. He burned more oil than gasoline.
  5. His side mirror had rotted off.
  6. His radio did not work.
  7. His muffler was filled with holes.
  8. His heater only worked in the summer.
  9. The driver’s door would not close in the winter so I had to tie it closed.
  10. His horn no longer worked.

Aside from that, L’il Red was a picture of perfection.

After three years of selfless service, it was time for my little bomb of a car to go to that beautiful car lot in the sky. Upon arrival, L’il Red received a brand-new titanium body, a shiny crystal floor, soft Italian leather seats, diamond headlights, two golden-edged side mirrors, four super-power windows, six turbo cylinders and top of the line speakers, including an ear-splitting 15-inch subwoofer. The price tag is a mere $2.7 million — piggy bank money.

Whoa! And I bought L’il Red for the grand sum of $1.00. I will never get another steal of a deal like this.

Enjoy your day! Live today as if it were your last!