Meet Melda

Wondering what I have been doing lately?
Glenn and I recently returned from spending two sun-filled weeks in Varadero, Cuba. I have a beautiful tan and Glenn is superbrown. Unfortunately we brought back “a bug” that has struck us down for almost a week. 

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Our Bobcaygeon house is for sale. We plan to move to Nova Scotia permanently in April.

Getting to know me.
I am a wife to Glenn, a mother to Jeremy and Allison, a mother-in-law to Dana and Edward, a grandmother to Edison, Isaac, Maddie and Greta, a sister to Myers, Edsel and Francis, and aunt to many.

That reveals a tiny bit of information, but I would like to paint a larger picture of who I am by answering a wide range of questions.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
Living next door to Great-aunt Adena. Following the death of her husband, she was afraid to stay alone at night. Each evening, I ran the familiar path to her house for a sleepover. She told me an original, spell-binding bedtime story every night. In my mind, she was Lucy Maud  Montgomery and I was Anne of Green Gables.

What was your first job?
I worked at a fish processing plant feeding mackerel into a machine that chopped off their heads and tails.

What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?
Mr. George Perry, my Grade 11 economics teacher, believed the world was my oyster. He believed I could pursue any career — medicine, law, social work. Unfortunately, Mr. Perry was unaware of my painful past. I was too timid and insecure to follow through.

Why did you become a teacher?
I didn’t know what else to do. Teachers were pushing me one way and my family another. Consequently, I followed my cousin to Teachers’ College.

If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?
I would follow my heart to become an ordained minister.

How did you meet your husband?
Now that’s a great love story! I met him between my first and second years of Teachers’ College. I was walking along Lockeport Beach and a friend introduced us. Glenn was from Ontario and was visiting Lockeport with a good friend who had relatives in the area.

What do you feel most proud of?
My children and grandchildren are my pride and joy. My children chose wonderful spouses and have blessed us with four grandchildren…so far.

Who do you admire most?
My late mother. She managed to raise four children while suffering from undiagnosed bipolar illness.

What five words that describe you best?
Compassionate, patient, reliable, generous and honest. (Perhaps you should ask my children.)

What was your most embarrassing moment?
Just one? I upset a giant Diet Coke display in a grocery store. It looked and sounded as if a bomb had exploded.

What musical instruments do you play?
I “sort of” play the ukulele, the recorder, the piano and the autoharp. As a child, I longed to take piano lessons, but my Dad didn’t think  it was worth the money, but I’m not bitter — or am I?

What are your three favourite movies?
I am a hopeless romantic and watch the same movies over and over. My favourites are “Steel Magnolias,” “You’ve Got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle.”

What book have you read most recently?
“Weekends at Bellevue.” Why? I am passionate about immediate access to medical services for the mentally ill.

Do you have any pet peeves?
My pet peeves are grammar related: there, their, they’re; you guys,  its and it’s and the biggest one of all is the correct use of I and me.

What food do you refuse to eat?

Do you have any BIG projects in mind?
Sort of. I may take my stories and put together a book with one story for each week. It’s a thought. I could turn my story “Are We There Yet” into a storybook, but it is a challenge to reach the right people without an agent. 

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?
I would like to learn to knit more than a scarf. There are a couple of knitting groups to join. I am going to tag along with my cousin Verna. Is it a good idea for us to sit together? Probably not, we are a little bit mischievous.

What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars?
Hmmmmm. I already have what I need. Glenn would like a pickup truck. I could pay off my son’s student loan, my daughter’s mortgage and my grandchildren’s post-secondary schooling. On the other hand, I could eat chocolate covered almonds for the rest of my life.

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