A few minutes in a coffee shop and your ears will be accosted with complaints like:

“That blasted government is taxing us to death so they can live in their fancy homes and get chauffeured around.”

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“Can you believe that grocery stores have been price fixing the bread for years? I wonder what other schemes they have pulled off right under our noses.”

“The healthcare system is in shambles. We will never find a family doctor and it’s the government’s fault. They need to catch up with the times. And have you been at the QEII lately? The place is a firetrap and leaks like a sieve.”

“And then there’s the money on Syrian refugees. If you ask me, they should send them back to where they come from. I should sit at home and let the government support me.”

“On the way here, I got stuck behind an old man roaring around in second gear going 40 km/h in an 80 km/h speed zone and he never even bothered to turn off his signal light. It’s time to kick drivers like that off the road. Who knows if he even has a valid licence?”

Tell me this, do they ever get your order right at the drive-thru? They don’t even know how to make change. My order came to $2.20 so I gave the kid $3.20 and he couldn’t even figure out he owed me a dollar.


I acknowledge spending time with these people is enough to make you go back to bed, pull the covers over your head and wait for a meteorite to land on your house. It is possible that each complaint is 100% true and false, but why do people behave like that?


Why do some of us only see that bad while others can find good in everything? I suspect it depends on our life experiences up to this point? When life becomes all about us and how unfair it is, we focus on the negative our thoughts, we turn inward and lose sight of those around us. Are we doomed to live like this for the rest of our lives?


I believe that everything changes when we turn our attention outward and focus on helping and serving others. We can devote time to improve the lives of innocent children and adults who find themselves in dire situations. Does it make a difference if it is their own fault or their family’s fault?  Of course not. You and I have messed up and have received help.


I was surfing the internet and found some disturbing facts about our wealthy country.

These problems are complicated and have no easy solutions, but we could make a difference by living the words of a song sung by Glen Campbell:



You can make a difference.
And it doesn’t have to cost a cent.
If you are looking for ideas check out this list.

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