M is for Mould, Mush, Mildew, Maggots…

CPAP machine? Yep. Prescriptions? Yep. Sunglasses? Yep. Phone chargers? Yep. Rubber boots? Yep. Winter coat? Yep. Got everything? Yep. Glenn turned off as many breakers as possible in the electrical panel to save 10 cents worth of hydro. He did not turn off breakers for the TV/PVR, the fridge and the air conditioner and believed everything was hunky dory. And with that, we jumped in our loaded down RAV4 and struck out for our house in West Head (Lockeport), Nova Scotia for…

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Farewell to Nova Scotia

How is it possible we have been at our Nova Scotia homestead for more than two months? The time has come to clean up the house…again, pack up and leave bright and early Monday morning. I think I will sleep in my clothes, because I will nod off as soon as I stumble into the car, and wake up five hours later near the New Brunswick border.

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