Funny Stories

How to Cure a Cold Sore

I have been trying to complete this post about cold sores for at least a month. Every time I begin, I imagine a tingling sensation on my lip and I quit immediately. If you get cold sores, I am sure you fully understand why I chicken out

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Dear Mrs. Roache

My grandparents, my Dad and my two older brothers attended the one-room West Head School. When I started schooI in 1962, the school was no longer in operation. I rode the bus to the brand new K-6 elementary school just a few miles away in Osborne.

I loved school so much that I wanted to attend seven days a week. When I reached Mrs. Garnet Williams’ Grade four class, I realized I could not see well as other students. Unfortunately, the teacher did not notice. Each day, the teacher would choose a student to stay in at lunch recess to copy afternoon lessons on the chalkboard. When my turn came, I printed letters and numbers that were about a foot tall, and nobody questioned why. The truth was, I desperately needed glasses.

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Bread Dough, Vaseline and Minard’s Liniment

Myths, legends, stories, yarns, lies. Every family has them. Some of them make us cry while others tickle our funny bones. Every now and then, you will hear one that makes you laugh so hard that you fall on the floor, holding your sides with tears running down your cheeks. When our extended family gets together, we love to tell the same yarns over and over and over. The funnier the better. It is quite possible, that the yarns get longer each time they are told until after a while, they don’t even resemble the original story. I swear that the stories I am going to tell you are the honest truth, the gospel truth.

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Murphy’s Law On Steroids

Some stories are just too entertaining to keep to one’s self. I thought this one might give you a chuckle on a wintry day. (Should I admit we are in balmy Varadero, Cuba?) Back in 2010, Glenn and I experienced our own “Comedy of Errors” or what I like to call “Murphy’s Law Gone Haywire.” It was February and we had just returned from two weeks of visiting my Dad and brothers in Nova Scotia. As in years previous, we…

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